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Digging In

September 05, 20231 min read

Success Story:

Just cracked the book and applied the "dig-in" questions on a call with a prospective client. This prospect was very numbers driven and was asking many “logical” questions. We filled that logical bucket up in about 4 minutes and then I could tell she wanted off the phone. I paused and said “So tell me, why are you wanting to buy an investment property?”

She replies, “Well I have two kids and I want to treat this as my education planning.” Boom! We were off to the races talking about her kids, my kids, where she wants to send them to school, what her aspirations are for them, the struggles of being a mom with two boys 8 and 6 and on and on and on. Do you think she is going to work with us? Absolutely!

Techniques & Tips:

Dig-in Questions and Getting to the Why

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