How To Sell Nothing: The Logical Way To Make The Emotional Sale

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"I have dozens of best-selling business books. I've read many of the top sales books written by the big gurus. How to Sell Nothing is the best book I have ever read on effective selling with integrity."

Mark Porteous, Bestselling Author of Soulful Leadership: A Spiritual Path to Health, Wealth and Love / Inspired Living: Super Powers for Health, Love, and Business / Soulful Leadership: Tools for a New Way of Being

How to Sell Nothing is a terrific collection of sales wisdom, stories, and tools that you will use every day. Joe lays out what you need to think, do, and say to emotionally connect with busy prospects. If you want to sell more - more easily and more often - follow every single step that Joe lays out in this masterful book. Buy a copy for everyone on your team. Yes, it's that good!”

David Newman, Bestselling Author of Do It! Marketing & Do It! Selling

“Joe Pallo's How to Sell Nothing is a breath of fresh air in the sales industry. His unique approach to making an emotional sale is logical, practical, and incredibly effective. Pallo's writing is engaging and easy to follow, making this book a must-read for anyone looking to improve their sales game.”

John Schuster, Olympic Gold Medalist & Flag Bearer for Team USA

"As a seasoned marketing & sales professional, I have to say “How To Sell Nothing” is one of the most valuable sales books I have ever read. Joe is a master of the art of the emotional sale and his book is his masterpiece. Thanks to his practical and actionable strategies and techniques for connecting with prospects, it has been a game-changer in building trust and rapport with potential clients, resulting in both new and repeat sales, deeper relationships, and an overall higher revenue. This book is a must read for anyone in sales.”
Patty Farmer, Marketing & Media Strategist & Speaker

“From understanding the power of emotional engagement to mastering the recipe for success, How To Sell Nothing is here to revolutionize the way you approach sales!”

Yeukai Kajidori, Yeukai Business Show

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